Monday, January 14, 2008

Get success in Offshore Outsourcing

In today’s business scenario the two magical words are ‘Offshore Outsourcing’. Promising growth and value addition to your process at a much lower cost. To begin with, the big question. What is offshore outsourcing? Offshore outsourcing is a process where an external organization is hired, in some other country, to perform one or all the functions of the organization. If we talk in a broader prospective, then following are the criteria for a company to opt for offshore outsourcing.

An organization will go for outsourcing if the job doesn’t require direct customer interaction.

Offshore outsourcing is a big hit amongst Telemarketing Services. Many companies outsource work which involves high content. If the work can be transmitted over net, then companies prefer outsourcing to save cost.

One major reason of offshore outsourcing to be such a big hit is the difference in wages among the original and offshore countries. If the infrastructure is easy to set up, companies outsource it because of the cost advantage offered by the offshore country. Across the World, Asian countries are emerging as the most preferred destination of offshore outsourcing, and earning good revenues. The reason? English speaking talent pool available at a lower cost delivering high performance. India is one of the most favored destination for offshore outsourcing with universities churning the highest number of graduates and engineers in the world and India has the largest density of people having English language skills.

Outsourcing and Offshoring for the Software Industry

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Sood describes outsourcing as a "double-edged sword" that is not a universal solution for all.